Professional House Washing In Searcy

Best House Washing In AR

A clean exterior means greater curb appeal and a greater value to your home. The black or green residue sometimes found on siding is more often than not mildew, or even mold. Left alone, it will continue to spread and can eventually cause greater damage to the structure. J&S Custom Services uses low pressure to clean your home. We use a special detergent to turn your home from GREEN to CLEAN. Call or click below now for a FREE quote.



What exactly is House Washing?

House Washing is an exterior cleaning of your home’s surfaces using low pressure – so it’s NOT pressurized cleaning.  

How much PSI does our House Washing process use?

We use very low pressure to complete our house washing service.  For the most part, the pressure is the same as what’s coming out of your garden hose if you were to put your thumb over the opening from 70-150 PSI.

Will our House Washing service keep the house cleaner than just pressure washing?

Yes!  We kill the algae and then rinse away the dirt and grime leaving your home cleaner, longer because of our house washing process?

How much do your House Washing estimates cost?

FREE!  Click or Call and we will get you a quote usually in less than a day.