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Algae spores are carried by the wind or by animals and can quickly spread from one rooftop to another. That is why it is common to see algae growth on rooftops throughout an affected neighborhood. The same is true for apartment or condominium complexes, townhouses or row houses. On highly reflective or “cool” roofs, algae will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the long-term effectiveness of these roof systems. That is why it is important to address an algae problem as soon as possible. Tired of ugly black streaks on roof? Don’t spend $5k-$15k to replace your entire roof! Call us or click to soft wash your shingles for a fraction of the price and rid yourself of that roof algae. 

What exactly is Roof Cleaning?

Roof Cleaning is an exterior cleaning of your roof surfaces using low pressure – so it’s NOT pressurized cleaning.  We use a specially formulated detergent to kill the algae and remove the dirt and grime that makes the roof ugly.

How much PSI does our Roof Cleaning process use?

We use very low pressure to complete our Roof Cleaning service.  For the most part, the pressure is the same as what’s coming out of your garden hose if you were to put your thumb over the opening from 70-150 PSI.

How much do your Roof Cleaning estimates cost?

FREE!  Click or Call and we will get you a quote usually in less than a day.